you a white balcony bra with lace inserts on the top of the cups.

Let’s start with the balloon. It designates throat supports that cover only part of the breast. Often equated with amplifier, it is very suitable for small breasts because its frame is reduced and little maintains on the front. However, it can enhance the breasts; even refocus to highlight your cleavage.

The basket. It’s a kind of balloon! Triton 3 Bra And yes, that’s why it’s so hard to differentiate them. In contrast, unlike the classic balcony, the basket is ideal for generous breasts. It offers better support thanks to its frame that comes to coat and curve the breasts to form a nice round neckline. The main difference lies in the cut of the bra, indeed, a basket with an almost horizontal cut at the cups.

The  into relocking. Specially designed for strong breasts, the fitting bra comes (as the name implies) to fit the breasts. Its cups rise so high and provide optimal support! Last time, you were offered several sets all in all classic for the day of your wedding. Glamour, lace, corsets and garter belts borrowed from the retro trend… But inevitably, who says marriage says wedding night, and it is at this precise moment that it is time to go out the big game! Forget the sexy lingerie that must be provocative. As a bride, you naturally release sex appeal, which will then naturally embellish. Lemon Curve has concocted an outfit that will make your husband drool with envy, and you will at the same time feel you- even very sexy. Because nothing is more attractive than a woman who has confidence in her and who expresses it! To discover the perfect Lemon Curve outfit, read on!

This time, we stay in white for the married side, but we shift things a little more with this veiled panties! Simple panties made of satin with a tulle veil on the back and a small knot, all detachable if you want to remove it to not be embarrassing. This pantie, certainly fanciful is no less beautiful confection, since its finishes are handmade.

To complete this outfit, nothing better than a lace garter. We can add to the set a matching bra, here we present you a white balcony bra with lace inserts on the top of the cups. Alternatively, you can opt for the loose camisole, satin mini-dress style, matching the veiled panties for a baby doll side. To choose well below, it is essential to properly calculate her bra size , but not obvious to know it with the naked eye! Lemon Curve gives you the technique to measure your bra size.

Essential steps to respect to know your bra size

First of all, you need a tape measure of seamstress. Then you have to take two steps. The first is the back, we place the ribbon under the breasts and we go around the bust taking care that the tape measure is horizontal and flat. So you get a figure to add 12 cm. You then get your bra size . French sizes ranging from 5 to 5, we will round to the nearest size, then simply play with the different hooks of staples to find the exact size.

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